Breuckmann Aicon Smartscan 3D-HE Blue 4Mpix 3D Topographic Digitizing System

Breuckmann Aicon Smartscan 3D-HE Blue 4Mpix ID: 6149

Breuckmann Aicon Smartscan 3D-HE Blue 4Mpix {ID: 6149}

Ideal introduction system into 3D metrology
CEE ID: 6149
Status: Available
Model: Aicon Smartscan 3D-HE Blue 4Mpix
Vendor: Breuckmann
DOM: 2013
Condition: Superior to inline with its age

SW Revision > Optocat 2013R2
SW Options per original invoice: Standard + Edge Detection
Field of View: 600mm
Projector Light: LED Blue
Resolution: 4Mpix
Caibratlon plate 600 XL
Mobile Heavy-Duty Center Column Stand Package for SmartScan
Computer Upgrade - U (for SmartScan·HE)
* Smartscan unit SM132750
* Projector # 2608
* Camera # 269113443
* Camera # 269113442
* OptoLink controller # 1406
* Software Dongle # 2013000097
* Software CD (Optocat 2013R2)
* Calibration Plate # 1916-600
* FOBA Mobile Studio Stand (8’ height, 28” horizontal travel)
* Computer and mobile workstation: Dell Precision T5600 – Service Tag HKZBCY1
* Hand held remote control unit (USB interface)
* Associated cables
* Flight cases (Qty 3)
Precise optical measurement technology for a broad user spectrum together with a versatile range of applications - this is the AICON SmartScan series.
In comparison with a high-end laser scanner, the systems of the white light scanner of the SmartScan series not only deliver a significantly higher level of data quality and resolution, but also offer much easier handling.
AICON's white light scanners work on the basis of the so-called miniaturized projection technique (MPT). This procedure is known as active triangulation. A white light scanner consists of various hardware and software components which are one or two digital cameras (measuring field and resolution depend on the respective application), a projection unit (comparable with a slide projector), plus a computer installed with a data acquisition and evaluation software.
Your advantages:
* Ideal introduction system into 3D metrology
* Color cameras
* Modular, upgradeable system configuration
* Mechanical and thermal stability
* Compact design, low weight
* Ideal for mobile use
* Fast and easy change of measuring fields
[see pics for spec sheet]
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