Electrovert Vectra Elite Wave solder

Electrovert Vectra Elite ID: 6172

Electrovert Vectra Elite {ID: 6172}

Lead Free Electrovert Wave, loaded with options
CEE ID: 6172
Status: Available
Model: Vectra Elite
Vendor: Electrovert
DOM: 07/2007
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 480V 3ph 68.3 KVA
Dims: 154.5" x 61" x 68" @ 5000 lbs

* Windows: XP Version 2002, Service Pack2, KBM Premium Industrial Computer.
* Vectra Software: Version 3.05.0
* Titanium Solder Pot w/ Custom 12” Titanium Ducts/Nozzles (Ultra-Fill & Rotary Chip Wave).
* Bar Solder Feeder
* Titanium Solder Pump impellers for Ultra & Chip Assemblies
* Nitrogen Half Tunnel w/ O2 Analyzers over Solder Pot (Decrease dross production by 80%).
* Three Bottom-Zones Forced Hot Air Convection Preheater(s).
* Embedded KIC 24/7 Thermal Management System w/ Wireless Profiling.
* 2014 Flux Upgrade: External Cabinet with Sono-Tek Servo Transferring Spray flux system.  Includes Flux/Solvent  Tanks and Nitrogen Pressurized Closed-Loop System.  Also includes – Pressure and Liquid detection in delivery system software.
* Heavy Duty Titanium V-L shape fingers for PCBA and or Pallets.
* Rails and Drive Shafts replaced two years ago.
Zero-Defect Process at the Lowest Cost of Ownership
Advanced technology of the VectraElite package separates it from the competition
 ServoSpray spray fluxing system with self-cleaning capability
Four feet of bottom Vectaheat forced convection preheat technology
Recipe-driven nozzle technology
Patented UltraFill with FloLift main wave
Recipe-driven solder pot height adjustment (auto lead clearance)
Wet finger cleaning system
Lead-Free Process Capability
The VectraElite wave soldering systems have been designed to handle lead-free and difficult applications for many years. The cast iron solder pot and its components are resistant to the corrosive nature of lead-free solders and are capable of withstanding tempera­tures of 315ºC (600ºF). All stainless steel components that come into contact with the solder are composed of ElectroCoat™ corrosion-resistant surface conversion as a standard feature, or grade 1 (pure) titanium as an option.
Nitrogen Process Atmosphere
• Recipe-driven nitrogen soldering is an available option to both the Electra and VectraElite via patented boundary nozzle technology
• Wetting times reduced via nitrogen
• Provides improved hole fill and fewer shorts
• Requires less flux
• Reduces dross generation - extends run time
• Improves first pass yields and cosmetics
UltraFill with FloLift Technology
• Patented boundary layer system
• Designed for air or nitrogen operation
• Minimizes temperature drop between Rotary Chip and main wave
• Promotes hole fill and bridge reduction for lead-free applications
• Dross generation reduced by up to 50%
• Lift-up cover provides access for easy maintenance
Operator Interface
The VectraElite is configured with a Windows oper­ating system that provides pull-down menus. They offer the capability of networking to other computers for downloading recipes and remote access to operating data.
• Process notes function allows the operator to gain work and process instructions tied to the recipes via a link to a data storage server
• Data logging traceability feature enables the user to select the important process parameters for which data collection is desired, either board-based or time-based
• Security password protection allows only authorized personnel to make changes to recipes
• The Electra operator interface allows the user to enter setup parameters while viewing the process by sliding the control station along the front of the machine
Fluxer Module
The fluxer module consists of a slide-out drawer mounted inside the fluxer cradle for easy maintenance. Both systems provide onboard storage for flux tanks. The internal exhaust design segregates flux fumes from the rest of the machine.
Spray Fluxers
• Standard spray fluxing system provided with the VectraElite
• Servo-controlled reciprocating spray fluxing system
• Features air atomized spray technology
• Ability to spray in one or both directions of travel
• Pressure tank flux delivery system
• Self-clean nozzle function
• Economical spray fluxing system
Conveyor Module
A robust finger conveyor system provides process width capability up to 18” (460 mm) [20" (508mm) optional] on the VectraElite. Titanium finger configurations provide the ability to support PCB's as well as selective solder pallets and fixtures. Additional standard features of the conveyor system include a wet finger cleaning system with low liquid level alarm, AC drive motor, universal load guides/chain guards, and adjustable incline capability.
Preheat Module
The preheat section, ranging from four to six feet on the VectraElite, ensures sufficient topside temperatures on the most complex assemblies. Both systems are configured with two bottom Vectaheat modules. Radiant (infrared - IR) preheat panels or Vectaheat modules can be easily interchanged with the convenient slide-out feature and quick-disconnect plugs.
Radiant Preheat Panels (IR)
• Utilizes pyro-ceram glass over standard IR bulbs
• Most advanced form of IR preheat technology
• Maximized temperature uniformity and minimized Δ T's
Vectaheat Forced Convection Preheat Technology
• Single, one-piece module
• High thermal mass heating panel
• Sealed blowers
• Solder spill detection
Solder Module
Electrovert’s VectraElite wave soldering systems feature a high-capacity cast iron roll-out solder pot and low-maintenance pump with AC motors. Configured with patented UltraFill with FloLift nozzle technology, the Electra and VectraElite systems ensure the best possible process yields with today's lead-free alloys. System controls include a programmable 7-day timer, closed-loop temperature and variable wave height adjustment, high/low alarms, auto start/stop wave function, and exhaust interlock protection. Both systems also include automatic, recipe-driven solder pot height control (auto lead clearance control) as a standard feature.This is a significant process tool for ensuring repeatability and process control.
Rotary Chip with FloLift Technology
• Rotating auger-type design pushes the solder to provide maximum wetting of components
• Non-clogging design virtually eliminates skips or misses
Patented UltraFill with FloLift Technology
• Patented boundary layer system
• Designed for air or nitrogen operation
• Minimizes temperature drop between rotary chip and main wave
• Promotes hole fill and bridge reduction for lead-free applications
• Dross generation reduced by up to 50%
• Lift-up cover provides access for easy maintenance
Process Width: 2" to 18" (50 mm to 460 mm) - custom nozzles 12" max to reduce dross
Machine Length with External Fluxer: 154.5” (3925mm)
Machine Width: 61” (1557mm)
Machine Height: 68” (1727mm)
Exhaust requirements: Two (2) 8" (208 mm) stacks; port 1 - 450 cfm; port 2 - 650 cfm
Air requirements: 60 to 120 psig (415 to 830 kPa)
Nitrogen requirements: 0.5" FNPT inlet fitting with 60 to 120 psig (415 to 830 kPa)
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.




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