ERSA Versaflow 40/50 Selective Soldering

ERSA Versaflow 40/50 ID: 5438

ERSA Versaflow 40/50 {ID: 5438}

LEAD FREE - dual module for best in class speed and flexibility
CEE ID: 5438
Status: Sold
Model: Versaflow 40/50
Vendor: ERSA
DOM: 08/2008
Condition: Superior to inline with its age

Available September
● (1) IR-preheating, bottom side
● segmented pin/chain and roller conveyor for versaflow with double soldering module
● programmable conveyor width adjust
● (4) convection preheating top side
● automatic solder wire feeder, soldering module 1 & 2
● SMEMA - communication for inline operation
● (2) visualization of the solder process via camera, high resolution camera mod1 & mod2
● (2) 15" color monitors
Versaflow Basic system consisting of:
● complete pin-and-chain conveyor system with fixing units for processing solder masks
● max dimensions of solder masks: 500mm length and 400mm width
● multiple axis-cnc-positioning system with servo drives - 2 axis system in flux module, 3 axis system in solder module
● IR preheating, bottom side
● PC control
● audio and visual status signal
● exhaust function monitor
● interior hood light
● remote maintenance via modem and pc-anywhere software
● nozzle holder
● emergency stop button
● side positioning unit to hold pcb's in flux module
● increase in pass through height
● BASIC MACHINE ERSA VERSAFLOW WITH ADDITIONAL SOLDER MODULE - an additional solder module is to be integrated for increased throughput.  This options consists of: extention module with cover & glass panels, solder pot with precision solder nozzle, 3 axis positioning system, conveyor system, control panel, and exhaust stack
The ERSA Versaflow is a fully automatic in-line selective soldering system operating within a nitrogen atmosphere.  The Versaflow has been designed in particular for the automatic soldering of power components such as edge connectors, relays, and transformers which in spite of the increasing trend to SMD components in the assembly process, remain to be assembled with through hole technology.  The ERSA Versaflow is a modular deisgn and contrains the process zones for fluxing, preheating, and soldering, each zone being equipment with an independent conveyor system.  
The VERSAFLOW offers a maximum of flexibility and doubles the throughput when equipped with a second single wave module.  The in-line concept, combined with the three basic modules for flux, preheat and solder, work simultaneously and independently of each other, ensuring maximum throughput. The system can handle the parallel processing of up to 5 PCBs simultaneously.  
The in-line conveyor system transports the PCBs from module to module, and ensures that they are precisely fixed in position for processing. The separately programmable movement sequences of the precision fluxer (x-y axis system) and of the solder pot (x-y-z servo driven axis system) and enable parameters to be set individually for every single solder joint. The wettable solder nozzle surface is completely covered with a nitrogen blanket and thus guarantees a very high standard of solder joint quality. The large selection of solder nozzles can be exchanged quickly & easily and guarantee the optimal processing of the largest selection of selective applications.
Production flexibility and throughput can even be further increased by using a second optional solder aggregate. An additional advantage of the VERSAFLOW is the free space above the PCBs that is not limited by grippers or handling systems. This free space can be used for optional top side convection heaters in the pre-heating area and/or above the soldering module. With the topside convection heaters, even the most thermally demanding PCBs can be safely processed.
The solder aggregate has a service-free electromagnetic solder pump with no mechanically moved parts. Simple programming of the system via CAD data, and reduced service and cleaning, contribute to an increase in productivity and profitability.
Conveyor system:
Conveyor angle: 0° fixed
Pallet width: 50-400 mm / 2-15.7”
Pallet length: 120-500 mm / 4.7-19.7”
PCB top side clearance: max. 100 mm / 3.9”
PCB bottom side clearance: max. 30 mm / 1.2”
Clearance from PCB edge: 3 mm / 0.1”
Conveyor height from floor: 850 mm / ±15 mm (33.5” / ±0.6”)
Conveyor speed: approx. max. 10 m/min / 33 ft/min
Positioning accuracy: ±0.25 mm / 0.01”
Mask / PCB weight: max. 5 kg / 11 lb.
Flux module:
Type: high-precision spray fluxer
Positioning system: 2-axis (X/Y), servomotor driven
Positioning speed: 2 - 400 mm/sec
Positioning accuracy: ±0.25 mm / 0.01”
Spray width (130 μm inner nozzle diameter): 3-6mm/0.1-0.2”
Preheat module (basic system):
Type: Bottom side heating with medium wave length IR heaters
Power per element: max. 3,400 W
Temperature range: zero; 0 - 200 °C
Solder module:
Type: stainless steel solder pot, integrated in a 3-axis positioning system (X/Y/Z), servomotor driven
Solder nozzle: single-point high-precision solder wave
Smallest nozzle diameter: 4.5 mm / 0.2”
Clearance from PCB edge: 3 mm / 0.1”
Solder wave height: max. 5 mm / 0.2”
Solder volume: 10 kg / 22 lb. 9 kg / 20 lb. lead-free alloy
Solder type: Sn63Pb37EQ, (special solder alloy for N2)
Solder temperature: max. 330°C / 626°F
Warm-up time: 0.5 hours
Positioning speed: X/Y-axis: 2 -200 mm/sec
Z-axis: 2 - 100 mm/sec
Positioning accuracy: ±0.25 mm / ±0.01”
Nitrogen technology:
Nitrogen supply: to be supplied locally
Nitrogen injection: N2-cover over the solder bath
Required pressure: 3 bar (43.5 PSI)
N2-consumption: approx. 2 m3/h / 2.6 yd3/h
Required particle cleanliness: 5.0 on average
Pneumatic system:
Compressed air supply: to be supplied locally
Required pressure: 6 bar (87 (PSI)
Consumption: < 5 m3/h / < 6.5 yd3/h
PC-based SPS
Process visualization
Input of all process parameters
7 day time clock
Machine status control
Password function
Recording of process data
Electrical data:
Power: 5-wire system, 3 x 230/400 V, N, PE
Power tolerance range: +6 %, -10 %
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 18 kW (basic system)
Amperage: max. 31 A (basic system)
Max. fuse rating: 3 x 35 A (slow blow) (basic system)
Exhaust rating (basic system):
Exhaust volume per stack: approx. 150 m3/h / 196 yd3/h
Exhaust stack: 2 stacks, 150 mm (5.9”) O.D. each
Environmental specifications (operation):
Ambient temperature: 15 - 30°C (59 - 86°F)
Noise level: Permanent sound level: < 60 dB (A)
Basic design and construction:
Solid steel construction
Security glass windows
Emergency-Stop button
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