Fuji GL-541E Adhesive Dispenser

Fuji GL-541E ID: 4824

Fuji GL-541E {ID: 4824}

Late model Fuji GL-541E Glue Dispenser
CEE ID: 4824
Status: Sold
Model: GL-541E
Vendor: Fuji
DOM: Sept 2003
Condition: Condition superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 200 - 480 VAC 1500VA, 3ph, 50/60Hz
Dims: 1795mm L x 996mm W x 1750mm Tall @ 1750 kg

> Cool shot
Dispensing Head
The GL-541E's dispensing head uses three syringes for glue application, providing flexibility in dot size and pattern. Simply install the three needle types which are most appropriate for your product mix. Twelve standard needle types are available, including large needles for large volume applications. Miniature needles are also available for dispensing glue for parts as small as 1608s (0805) or 2125s (0603).
The GL-541E's new drive mechanism and servo-controlled soft application system maintain dot consistency even under the highest speed dispensing conditions. Each syringe's Z-axis stroke is independently programmable, letting you control the glue dot volume and cycle time.
Fiducial Mark Camera
A fiducial mark camera ensures precise board pattern positioning. The grayscale vision system quickly reads the board's fiducial marks, determines a board's x, y, and theta variances, and then performs corrections to the board's alignment.
> 0.09 sec/dot
> Compact design enables direction connection to CP6
> Vision system provides glue dot volume feedback
> Needle centering
> PID temperature control
> Glue volume offset control
Three Dispense Heads Rated at 40,000 DPH
Basic Specifications
Cycle time: 0.09 seconds/dot
Travel distance:  X-axis within 8mm Y-axis within 6mm Needle up/down distance of 8mm
Application time: 0.05 seconds
Dispensing accuracy: +/- 0.15mm in th X and Y directions (3 sigma)
Board loading time: Aproximately 5 seconds
Fiducial Mark Reading time: approcximately 0.5 sec./mark
Board Transport Specifications
Board Transport height: 900mm or an optional 950mm. Add 12mm if anti-vibration pads are used
Max. board weight: 1kg or 2kg for a roller-guided conveyor
Conveyor width change: front rail is stationary. The moveable rail is positioned manually with an adjustment handle
Board Specifications
Board size: Max 356(W) x 457 (L)
Min: 50mm(W) X 80mm (L)
Thickness: (0.5) 0.8mm - 4.0mm
Material: Epoxy glass, composites, paper phenol, ceramics, polyimide, etc
Restrictions: Warp Max 1.0mm
Height of pre mounted device (top surface): Max 6.0mm
Height of pre mounted device (bottom surface): Max 25.4mm
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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