GSI Lumonics 8300 AOI

GSI Lumonics 8300 ID: 4991

GSI Lumonics 8300 {ID: 4991}

3-D Laser Solutions for SMT Solder Paste and Component Placement Process Improvement
CEE ID: 4991
Status: Sold
Model: 8300
Vendor: GSI Lumonics
DOM: 7/2002
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 110V120VAC 60Hz, 1 phase / 90psi
Dims: 54.6" x 57.9" x 70" @ 2275lbs

SVS 8300 SPI - Solder Paste Inspection System
● High-Speed Imaging hardware, CD-Rom, DAT Tape drive, Unixware OS, Xwindows with GUI, 15: flat screen monitor, SMEMA Interface, trackball, parallel por, integrated one stage conveyor
● 1X Resolution 1024 5MHZ dual detector scanner
● lift plate with support posts
● By-pass programming option
● RS232 serial ports, (4) additional
● Bar code reader s/w
S/W upgraded to v4.7 in 2006
Provides height and volumetric data, the best indicators of final solder joint quality.
● Meets the most demanding cycle time requirements with 100% inspection
● Industry’s most accurate and reliable inspection data, via patented 3-D laser scanning
● Includes component placement inspection
● Reduces scrap and rework later in the assembly process
● Accommodates very large panels, up to 610mm x 660mm (24" x 26")
● Ease of use during set-up & operation
The Fastest Way to Cut Your SMT Assembly Costs
The SVS™ 8300, GSI Group’s fourth generation solder paste inspection system, gives you more flexibility in improving your printing process through 100% solder paste inspection. In addition, the SVS 8300 provides full component placement inspection. Designed especially for contract manufacturers of fine-pitch and high-density PCBAs, the SVS 8300 enables you to ramp-up and change over to new products faster while providing continuous process improvement and random defect detection.
100% In-Line Inspection
Designed for high throughput in-line inspection, the SVS 8300 automatically inspects each board immediately after solder paste screen printing for correct solder paste volume, area, height, X/Y position, and bridging. The comprehensive data collected will be distilled in real-time into the data you need. SPC and reporting capabilities are built directly into the operator interface to help you control and improve your process quickly and effectively.
Stable and Robust Inspection Programs
Inspection programs for the SVS 8300 can be developed easily and quickly with a combination of readily available placement data and board images. Changes in board surface finish or appearance do not affect the measurement performance of the system and will not require inspection programs to be adjusted. Inspection programs can also be easily moved from one inspection system to the next.
Material Handling:
SMEMA compatible: Yes
Conveyor height: 914mm - 991mm (36" - 39")
Maximum board dimensions: (w x l x thickness) 609.6mm x 660.4mm x 11.13mm (24" x 26" x .438")
Minimum board dimensions (w x l x thickness): 98.6mm x 76.2mm x .635mm (3.88" x 3" x .025")
Maximum board weight: 4.54kg (10lbs)
Clamping of PCB on two sides of board: Yes
Board moving system description: Conveyor with belts
Board moving system motor type: AC Synchronous motors
Type board stop: Dual fixed stop pins
Top side clearance: 25.4mm (1.0")
Bottom side clearance: 31.75mm (1.25") w/o lift plate 26.4mm (1.04") w/lift plate
Keep out requirements for edge transferring: 4.9mm (.19") per edge
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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