JOT J002-289-1.1 Inverter

JOT J002-289-1.1 ID: 4841

JOT J002-289-1.1 {ID: 4841}

CEE ID: 4841
Status: Sold
Model: J002-289-1.1
Vendor: JOT
DOM: 2000
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Length: 24
Width Adjust: Crank
Max PCB Width: 20"
Belt Sections: 1
Transfer Type: Edge
Flow: Left to Right
Facilities: 110-120 VAC/60 Hz/ 2A
Dims: 23.6" x 31.5" x 57" @ 352lbs

> Pass-thru / flip toggle
> Speed control
Safe PCB Side Change
The manufactured PCB boards often need to be turned upside down during the manufacturing process to enable processing work on the other side of the board. The material flow to the process equipment needs to be constant and this is ensured with a quick and secure turn. With our Board Inverter, boards with sensitive components can be safely inverted when the inverting speed is optimized.
Change the processing side of PCB board with a quick and safe turn.
> Turns PCBs upside down for processing of the other side
> Handles boards with tall components
> Motorized action
> Short cycle time
> Crank width adjustment
Standard Features
> Protective safety covers
> Pass-through mode
> Operator switches for Start, Stop, Reset, Emergency Stop, and pass-through
> PLC controller
> SMEMA electrical interface
> ESD-safe design
> CE-safety compliant
> Lead free process compatible
Technical Characteristics
> Track height 900-965 mm (35.4" - 38")
> Basic track height 950 mm (37.4) can be changed between 750-1000 mm (29.5" - 39.4)
> Track width adjustment by hand crank
> Standard conveyor speed 12 m/min (40 fpm)
> Cycle time appr. 8 seconds
> Transport on 3 mm (0.12) flat belts