Marantz M22XDL AOI

Marantz M22XDL ID: 4806

Marantz M22XDL {ID: 4806}

Table top - high speed AOI capable of even the highest technologies
CEE ID: 4806
Status: Sold
Model: M22XDL
Vendor: Marantz
DOM: 2006
Condition: Condition superior to inline with its age
Facilities: AC100V - 240V
Dims: W946 D876 H458 @ 89kg

Includes Manual
M22XDL-460 Desktop AOI inspects SMT and PTH components (presence, type, polarity, offset, text, etc.) and reflow and wave solder joints (including meniscus). Provides 2-D solder paste inspection. Handles medium and large PCBs. Features high-speed digital XGA color camera, as well as analysis via synthetic imaging. Combines speed and accuracy of CL systems with a new lighting concept. Three pulse wave modulated LED light sources (main, side and DOAL) can lighten inspection points from three different angles. Up to six different lighting combinations are available.
M22XDL-460  offers high speed first article inspection, advanced illumination and very high resolution optics.
Simple and intuitive operation
You can operate intuitiverly and quickly. You can do almost all operations by using the mouse, which means you don't have to do troublesome input operations by the keyboard. No specialist is necessary because the operations are simple and easy to learn.
Making and switching over data
Data can be made quickly by using the numerical data and parts library. It also enables an urgent partial inspection by making data manually. Moreover, switching over the models corresponds to a small-lot production of many goods by file switchover of a multi-purpose jig and barcode.
Inspection accuracy/improvement of operation
After the inspection, the mode is changed to the actual object confirmation mode. This mode can be displayed on the screen while inspecting the following PCB. You can confirm while operating Model 22X, and save the inspection time.
Improved lighting
The real coaxial lighting can extract the undistinguishable defective parts under the normal lighting.
Movable Camera head
Camera moves back and forth, right and left, and PCB doesn't move.
> Substantially improved the inspection accuracy by combination of diffuse on-axis light module, side and main lighting.
> 5 types of images can be obtained at once and inspection can be done with the appropriate image by the special image processing.
> Influence on the equipped components caused by vibration is controlled since PCB is not swung ( Movable Camera Head ).(M22XDL-460)
> There is no limit for PCB weight.(M22XDL-460)
> Auto open and close full cover for safe method.(M22XDL-460)
> Any Extra Parts check can be found without designating the inspection area with foreign object inspection.
> Gerber data can be imported.
Dimension: W946 D876 H458  
Weight: 89.0kg  
Power supply: AC100V - 240V  
Power consumption: 340W
Power: Pulse Motor x 4
Repeatability: <± 0.03mm  
Max. speed: 600mm/sec  
PCB size: 460 x 360  
Camera: Full digital camera, 1.2Mega Pixel, color  
Lighting: white LED light + side LED+Diffuse on-Axis Light Module  
FoV: Approx. 32 mm x 24 mm25.6 mm x 19.2 mm23.5 mm x 17.6 mm16 mm x 12 mm
Algorithm: PatternMatching / Histogram / Shape / Area  
Method Brightness, Hue, Saturation  
Computer: PowerMacintosh G5 / Mac Pro
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