Asymtek M-2000 Dispenser

Asymtek M-2000 ID: 5395

Asymtek M-2000 {ID: 5395}

The Millennium M-2000 dispensing system delivers unparalleled high speed and accuracy.
CEE ID: 5395
Status: Sold
Model: M-2000
Vendor: Asymtek
DOM: 12/07
Condition: Inline with its age
Facilities: 220-240V, 1ph, 30amp

The Millennium M-2000 dispensing system delivers unparalleled high speed and accuracy for today’s most demanding microelectronics applications for semiconductor package and board assembly. Powerful software-controlled dispensing ensures precise, consistent application of a wide range of encapsulants, adhesives, and thermal compounds.
● Supports a full range of advanced IC encapsulation applications with field-proven closed-loop fluid and thermal management
● Integral patented Mass Flow Calibration system ensures accurate, repeatable dispensed volumes
● Contact or impingement heating ensures a reliable thermal environment
● Fast motion acceleration (2g peak), with up to 1 m/s X-Y velocity for high throughput with ± 0.025 mm repeatability
● Compact footprint (1.65 m2) conserves factory floor space
● Improved throughput using pipelined fiducials
● SMEMA-compatible Multimove Conveyor software conveys parts simultaneously, not sequentially, enhancing yield
● Network interface card included, allowing connection to a local Ethernet network
● SEMI-S2 compliant, ergonomic flat-panel display and integrated keyboard
Recommended Applications
● Underfill
● Chip Scale Packaging
● Dam & Fill
● Chip Encapsulation
● Cavity Fill
● Die Attach
● Lid Seal
● Thermal Compounds
● Chip-On-Board Assembly
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