OK Industries SMT-8500 Pick&Place/Dispenser

OK Industries SMT-8500 ID: 5389

OK Industries SMT-8500 {ID: 5389}

Manual smd pick & place with dispense. Vision assist.
CEE ID: 5389
Status: Sold
Model: SMT-8500
Vendor: OK Industries
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 110/115V 0.5A,
Dims: 32" x 30" x 13.2" @ 75 lbs

● Sold and supported by http://www.aictechnologies.com/
● includes: vision monitor, foot pedal, manual, spares, and accessories
The SMT-8500 series have been primarliy designed for low-volume smt assembly.  Typical, applications include prototyping, pre-production, production evaluation, repair, and rework.  Further applications can be found in conjunction with fully automatic pick and place machine for relocation of displaced components.
The SMT-8500 placement and dispense system is a dual arm system, designed to mechanically assist assembly personnel with the manual placement of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) components and to dispense solder paste, glue or epoxies, onto Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's). The dual arm operation and digitally controlled dispensing operation provides greater product yields and flexibility, as well as a larger PCB work area and the addition of a waffle tray holder for larger bulk SMD's. The digitally controlled dispensing arm provides three dispensing modes, manual (foot pedal operated), timed (0.1-99.9 seconds for consistent dispensing) and continuous (timed dispense and timed pause). Though operator dependant, placement rates of 600 Parts Per Hour (PPH) can be achieved, this is 5 to 6 times faster and more accurate than placement with hand tools. Discrete SO, PLCC and QFP packages, connectors, headers and other odd form SMDs and Pin Through Paste (PTP) processes can be accurately placed including components with 0.025" lead spacing. These features make the SMT-8500 series machine the most versatile and complete Low Volume Assembly (LVA) machine on the market today.
Machine Dimensions:
● Length - 32" (800mm)
● Width - 30" (750mm)
● Height - 13.2" (330mm)
● Weight - 77 lbs (35 kg)
Maximum Working Area: 18.2" x 12.2" (457mm x 305mm)
Key Features:
●  600 Placements Per Hour
●  Fine Pitch Placement Capability
●  Movable Operator Arm Rest
●  Odd Component Placement
●  Large PCB Work Area
●  Locking Adjustable PCB Holder
●  ESD Safe Work Station
●  Low Friction X,Y,Z & Theta Movement
●  Light Weight Placement Arm
●  Removable Component Carousel For Pre-Kitting
●  Removable Waffle Tray Holder
●  Dispensing Capability
●  Adjustable Fluid Pull Back
●  Air Regulator and Gauge
●  Adjustable Dispensing Angle
●  Three Mode Dispensing, Manual/Timed/Automatic
●  2 Year Warranty
●  Color Vision Assist
●  Extra Carousel For Kitting Storage
●  Tape and Reel Feeders
●  Stick Feeders
●  Smaller Nozzle Kit
●  Bisected Conductive Trays (15)
●  Non-Bisected Conductive Trays (15)
●  Motorized Carousel Kit
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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