SEHO Go Selective Light Selective Soldering

SEHO Go Selective Light ID: 5383

SEHO Go Selective Light {ID: 5383}

High-precision selective miniwave soldering system for stand-alone operation. LEAD FREE
CEE ID: 5383
Status: Sold
Model: Go Selective Light
Vendor: SEHO
DOM: 2008
Condition: Inline with its age
Facilities: 3x208V-60Hz-4wire, 11kW
Dims: 72"x62"x42" @ 990lbs

•  Teach Camera
•  Soldering Witness Camera
•  Dropjet Fluxer w/ low flux detection
•  Changeable Nozzles (3)10mm, (1)8mm, (1)6mm, (1)4mm, (3)3mm, (1)3mm long lead length.
•  Auto Solder Wire Feed and Solder Level Detection
•  Auto Wave Height Detection
•  IR Preheat
•  Touch Screen Controller
•  20"x20" Soldering Area Capability.
Maximum Performance and Minimum Cost
•  High-precision selective  miniwave  soldering system for stand-alone operation.
•  Fiducial  recognition for  automatic alignment of the printed circuit boards.
•  Easy  and  comfortable teaching  process,  online  or offline.
•  Precise axis system for exact positioning of the vari- ous working stations.
•  Highest  flexibility because  of  quick  change  solder nozzles.
•  The system  may be operated  with either wettable  or non-wettable solder nozzles.
•  Automatic wave height  control and solder  level con- trol provide maximum process reliability.
•  Nitrogen  inertion of the solder wave ensures highest soldering quality and minimum maintenance.
•  For assemblies up to 500 x 500 mm [19.68” x 19.68”].
•  Unbeatable price-performance ratio.
Maximum Performance in Selective Soldering at Minmum Cost:  The GoSelective from SEHO
The GoSelective offers the optimal solution when both matters, high soldering quality and flexibility for soldering of remaining THT components.It is designed and Made in Germany to the highest quality standards to provide a reliable and repeatable selective soldering process. The GoSelective offers an economical and flexible solution requiring minimal floor space.
The Concept:  Precision and Flexibility
The GoSelective is designed for small and medium size production volumes requiring a stand alone system which is compatible for both tin/lead and lead free soldering pro- cesses. The flexibility of the GoSelective allows for the processing of both bare boards and assemblies in carriers up to 500 x 500 mm (19.68” x 19.68”). During the selective soldering process the assemblies remain stationary while the fluxing unit, preheater, and the soldering unit are mounted on a high precision XYZ axis system and are programmed to travel to the points to be soldered.
Selective Processing Stations: Our Guarantee is the Highest Quality
The GoSelective features a programmable micro drop jet fluxer for spray fluxing all types of low solids fluxes.
SEHO’s micro drop jet fluxer ensures a precise quantity of flux deposited on the point or points to be soldered in a de- fined pattern which minimizes any overspray, and keeping the surrounding area free of any flux.
The bottom side preheater is equipped with halogen emitters which activate the flux, evaporate the solvent, and preheat the printed circuit board for soldering.  
For hard to solder circuit boards with high mass components which require additional thermal energy, SEHO offers an optional top side preheater with pyrometer control which allows you to set the required preheat temperature.
Local area nitrogen inertion ensures an oxide free solder wave, maximizes the flow characteristics of the solder, and keeps maintenance to a minimum.
Highest  process reliability is ensured  with an automatic solder wave monitoring and wave height control as well as a
solder level control.
Operational Control: Easy and Comfortable
The GoSelective system has a high precision color touch pad SPC controller with easy to follow directions.  Programming of the GoSelective is quick and easy.
The soldering unit is designed for miniwave soldering pro-cesses and therefore ensures highest flexibility in your production. Even when it is heated, the soldering unit can be changed very easily which allows economic processing of different solder alloys. A variety of quick change solder nozzles, suitable for dip and drag soldering processes, is
The solder nozzle technology of the GoSelective permits very small distances between the solder joints, thus it is possible to also precisely solder points which generally are difficult to get to.
This innovative solder nozzle technology, wettable and non- wettable, suitable for dip and drag soldering, guarantees a reliable process, eliminating bridging and ensures the lowest DPM rates.
Using the teaching camera, and monitor with cross hair sighting you only need to program the X and Y coordinates and then save the coordinates on the controller.  
All programs can be saved and are password protected.
In case of a wide spectrum of assemblies there is an offline teach program available which allows editing of soldering programs on any computer removed from the actual machine. Thus, the machine is used exclusively in the production process without interruption by any programming. The route optimization is particularly innovative. After being taught all the solder points, the program calculates the fastest path independently - to keep pure handling times to a minimum.
Process visualization and the automatic alignment of printed circuit boards with fiducial recognition make the system perfect,  maximizing  process  control  as  well  as  reliable soldering results.
micro drop jet fluxer:     standard
wetting width on PCB:     2-4mm
flux container:     1.8L pressure tank
automatic level control with capacitive sensor:     standard
flux types, alcohol or water based:     up to 5% solids content
bottom side halogen emitter:     optional
total power of the bottom side heating:     900W
top side quartz heating elements with pyrometer control:     optional
total power of the top side heating:     7.5 kW
Soldering Unit for Miniwave Soldering Processes
solder pot compatible for lead free soldering:     standard
wettable and non-wettable quick change nozzles:     optional
nitrogen operation:     standard
solder pot volume:     approx. 14 kg (SnPb)
solder bath temperature:     max. 320°C
automatic wave height control:     standard
automatic solder level control:     standard
automatic wire solder feeder:     optional
Control Unit
touch screen with comfortable user interface:     standard
display of status messages and password protection:     standard
real time controller:     standard
automatic PCB alignment with fiducial recognition:     optional
process visualization:     optional
online teach system with camera:     optional
offline teach program:     optional
Handling  of Assemblies
max. board dimensions:     500x500mm [19.68”x19.68”]
stand-alone operation with manual infeed and outfeed of assemblies:     standard
PCB top side clearance:     max. 60mm [2.4”]
PCB bottom side clearance:     max. 30mm [1.2”]
Axis System
drive unit for X/Y/Z axis:     DC servo motor
repeatability:     ± 0.1 mm
Nitrogen  Technology
nitrogen supply:     to be supplied locally
nitrogen connection:     R 1/4”
required pressure:     min. 2 bar
nitrogen consumption:     approx. 1.5 - 2.0 m³/h
required particle cleanliness:     5.0 recommended
exhaust stack:     1 piece - 125mm outer diameter
exhaust volume:     500 m³/h
Electrical Data
available voltages:     230/400V-50Hz-3phase+N+PE OR 3x208V-60Hz-4wire
power consumption without top side preheating:     approx. 4 kW
power consumption with top side preheating:     approx. 11 kW
Machine Dimensions
length incl. control panel:     1830mm [72.1"]
width:     1524mm [60.0"]
height:     1062mm [41.8"]
weight:     450 kg [990lbs]
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


Information is provided for your convenience as our good faith estimate for this equipment. CEE does not warrant the accuracy of this information due to the nature of used equipment. Used equipment can be customized, altered, or simply worn beyond the capability to perform to original specifications. If certain details are critical for your application, we highly recommend testing the machines performance on that criteria. Please notify your CEE sales representative prior to purchase and we will propose solutions for your concerns. CEE's goal is always to minimize your risk.