Speedline Bravo 8105 Reflow Oven

Speedline Bravo 8105 ID: 5428

Speedline Bravo 8105 {ID: 5428}

With its 8 top & bottom zones, the Bravo 8105 delivers exceptional heat transfer across a variety of applications.
CEE ID: 5428
Status: Sold
Model: Bravo 8105
Vendor: Speedline
DOM: 10/05
Condition: Inline with its age
Facilities: 460V 3ph 60A - 73KVA
Dims: 195"x46"x57" @ 4000 lbs

● edge/mesh
● Dual Air cooling zones
● left to right transfer
● chain oilers
The Bravo 8105 is a forced convection reflow oven with eight top and bottom heating zones to deliver exceptional heat transfer for a variety of applications. Using finned-rod heating elements and standard multi-speed convection blowers, the Bravo 8105 provides an exceptionally efficient "heat-on-intake" approach to reflow soldering and curing.
The system features a Windows operator interface, capable of storing over 1,000 individual user profiles, for quick and easy process setup and changes. In addition, the system supports multitasking requirements, such as on-screen help and maintenance plus debugging utilities.
The Bravo 8105 nitrogen system also includes Electrovert’s proprietary, patented PVAC with AutoClean Flux Management System, which directs process gas patterns to capture and control process volatiles. Using an in-line heater, the system liquefies flux residue and drains it into an easy-tomaintain collection system for environmentally friendly disposal and operation.
Whatever your volume or board requirements, the Bravo 8105 delivers. Lead-free and hybrid processing are easily addressed with the power and flexibility standard in each system.
What other manufacturers call options, we call standard features.
The Bravo 8105 comes fully equipped with the following features at no extra cost:
• 350°C High-Temperature Processing Capabilities
• High-Temperature Safety Circuit
• PVAC with AutoClean Flux Management System (Nitrogen Systems Only)
• Combination Pin-Chain and Mesh-Belt Conveyors
• Multi-Speed Blowers for Process Control
• Motorized Conveyor Width Adjust
• Windows Operator Interface
• SMEMA Communication
• System Status Light Tower
• Output Photocell
• Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Lead-Free Process Ready
Process Width: 17" (432mm pin chain)
Heated Tunnel Length: 105.0" (2667mm)
Overall Length: 194.5" (4940mm)
Height: 57.0" (1447mm)
Width: 46.0" (1168mm)
Number of Heating Zones: 8 (8 top, 8 bottom)
Number of Cooling Zones: 2, 4 Speed Control
Operational Stability: <15 minutes
Maximum Operating Temperature: 350C within the reflow zones
Flux Management: PVAC/AutoClean
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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