TEKNEK SMCM2 Bare Board Cleaner



Increase Soldering Yields! Remove surface contamination from a panel prior to the printing of solder paste.
CEE ID: 5345
Status: Sold
Model: SMCM2
Vendor: TEKNEK
DOM: 2006
Condition: Superior to inline with its age
Facilities: 110/115v 50/60Hz 5A
Dims: 9.5" x 27.5" @143lbs

Model: SMCM20300/240/50
● CE Marked
Stainless Steel
Cleaning width: 300mm (12")
Includes additional sticky rolls
Eliminate soldering problems with the Teknek Surface Mount Clean Machine, the SMCM2. Removing contamination from the surface of a board prior to solder paste printing or adhesive placement improves production process as well as increasing your yield and profits.
Contamination on bare boards causes problems in three areas:
     • Solder Faults - opens / shorts etc
     • Process - affecting the SMT line as a whole
     • Product Reliability - cost and reputation
The SMCM2 cleans the bare board before solder paste printing and adhesive application in any automatic in-line process using proven transfer cleaning system. The specially formulated elastomer roller runs in contact with the surface of the board. The dust particles are transferred from the board by the roller to the Teknek engineered adhesive roll.  The adhesive roll can then be purged removing dust particles from the process forever.  Dust particles which contaminate your solder paste, are proven to cause solder defects. Another major benefit of cleaning is to increase your product reliability. Test results have shown that dust remaining within a reflow solder joint can cause open circuits later in use affecting your product reliability.
The SMCM2 will directly improve your profit.
Features & Benefits
Double Side Cleaning
     • The SMCM2 can clean either or both sides of the board as required.
     • Roller opening system for double-sided board assemblies.
Static Elimination - Double Sided
     • Neutralises charge in the board and stops dust being re-attracted to the cleaned panel.
Can be placed in front of any in line printer
     • No complicated protocol required.
Internal Conveyor System
     • Provides accurate transportation through the SMCM2 to the printer registration.
Conveyor datum edge can be selected
     • Datum edge at front or rear
Proven E2Tek Cleaning Roller Technology
     • The highest performing cleaning rollers in the world, removing dry unattached contamination down to 1 micron.
Side pull out of adhesive rolls and cleaning rollers
     • Allows easy access for maintenance.
Membrane Switch Control
     • Password protected
     • Panel Counter
     • Alarm/beacon signals to purge Adhesive Roll
     • Panel width adjustment
Alarm Beacon Timing
     • Alarm for operator to purge Adhesive Roll
PLC / SMEMA Interface
     • International standard control available in two options - standard or enhanced
SMCM2 300
BODY WIDTH: 700mm/27.5"
PANEL SIZE (MAX): 305mm/12"
PANEL SIZE (MIN): 30mm/1.2"
PULLOUT WIDTH: 1160mm/45.6"
WEIGHT: 65kg/143lbs
BOARD THICKNESS: 6.4mm/0.25"- MAX & 0.6mm/0.02"- MIN
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 200/240v 50/60Hz 3A or 110/115v 50/60Hz 5A
PNEUMATICS: 5-7 Bar (70-100psi) oil free air
SPEED: 2-12m/min (6-37 ft/min) or 12-30m/min (36-111ft/min)
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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