UMG/Zierick PLT-901 Terminal Inserter

UMG/Zierick PLT-901 ID: 4826

UMG/Zierick PLT-901 {ID: 4826}

Active model - 2 headed fully automatic Zierick, male tab terminal inserter
CEE ID: 4826
Status: Sold
Model: PLT-901
Vendor: UMG/Zierick
DOM: 1/22/1999
Condition: Inline with its age
Dims: 1400 lbs

> (2) Heads
> Currently tooled for 1/4" and .187" Straight Male Tab Terminals
The PLT-901 Tab Insertion Platform
Experience and tool set reliability, combined with off-the-shelf technology, makes this dual head inserter an unmatched price performer.  The PLT-901 is considered the industry standard in interconnect assembly machine technology, performance and reliability.  Contact UMG for your tab interconnect production needs.
SMT Type Rotary Acting (0 to 90 Degree) Anvil for Insertion Support and Clearance into Solder Paste
•  Electrically Isolated Anvil  
•  Provides a 5 Volt Continuity signal for Insert Verification
•  Quick Change Anvil Support Tooling for Flexible Product Run Changeover and Maintenance
•  100% Insert Verification with Part In Pocket and Lead Sense
•  Horizontal or Vertical Reel Holders
•  SMEMA Inline Conveyor 25 mm (.984”) Above and Below Clearance
•  Insertion Speed Rated at up to 9,000 Components Per Hour
•  European Conformity CE
•  Optical Hole Correction for Substrate Registration
•  End of Reel / Material Strip Detection
•  Reel Splice Detection
•  Self-Teach Programming
•  Ergonomic Reel Load Height of 1m (38”)
•  Integrated Reel Payoff within the Machine Footprint
•  Easy Terminal Loading
•  Component / Auto Loading with Part-InPocket Verification
•  Off the Shelf Leading Technology
•  Yaskawa Brushless Motors
•  Kuroda Ballscrews
•  Motorola Digital Servo Positioning
•  Microsoft Windows Interface
This unit is located in the CEE facility in the Chicago area. A CEE technician will demonstrate the unit fully functional for your live or video acceptance. If you require special acceptance criteria, please discuss this with your CEE sales agent. Availability is subject to prior sale.


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